Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

(commonly referred to as simultaneous translation or conference interpretation )


Interpretation takes way more than proficiency in two languages. A good interpreter is one who successfully blends proficiency, good listening skills, good speaking speed, an instinct for when to talk and how to maintain one’s speaking volume low enough to remain able to clearly listen to the source language. This simultaneous interpretation adds good word selection, and the ability to go straight to the point. The conference interpreter of note is one who is able to resist the temptation of merely translating words due to the realisation that what is meant is more precious than the words that are used. At Cendel Global we employ the most qualified and experienced simultaneous interpreters for your conferences, meetings and workshops. We provide highly qualified, professional, simultaneous interpreters for any subject matter including fields such as medicine, engineering, and oncology, to name but a few. We have provided and continue to provide simultaneous interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment for very high-profile events involving heads of state, ministers, UN organisations, top government departments and regional blocks like SADC, COMESA, NEPAD, African Union and other high-level members of governments as keynote speakers. We have also provided and continue to provide simultaneous interpreters and simultaneous interpretation services at some of the most technical meeting which include the Pan African Ornithological Congress, and Convention on Migratory Species and to be applauded at the end of such highly technical meetings in no mean feat.  You can trust Cendel Global to provide reliable simultaneous interpretation services for your events, large or small.


We firmly believe that language should not constitute a barrier to growth and globalization. Our interpretation services cover one-to-one solutions as well as large conferences. Whether it’s pre-recorded media or a live session, our expert linguists ensure convenience and accuracy in 50+ languages to help you meet your objectives.



Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is better known and more common than simultaneous interpretation. In consecutive interpretation, the speaker speaks, then pauses to allow the interpreter to interpret and resumes once the interpreter is done interpreting. In the case of simultaneous interpretation, the speaker and the interpreter speak at the same time and this is done through simultaneous interpretation equipment (headphones, interpreter console, booth, transmitter etc). Simultaneous interpretation is more time-saving and is more ideal for professional meetings and workshops.


Our Simultaneous Interpreters


At Cendel Global we realize that an accurate interpretation is very important and that is why we carefully screen prospective interpreters and only engage the most qualified simultaneous interpreters with relevant experience.


Remember simultaneous interpretation requires more than just being conversant in two languages. Simultaneous interpreters of note need to remain level-headed and cognisant of the need to continuously improve their skills and prepare for each meeting with seriousness, zest and zeal. One of the secrets of success in simultaneous interpretation is preparation. We work hard to ensure that we adequately prepare for meetings.