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7 Rowland Square, Milton Park, Harare

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0718 242 424
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Translation Services

Cendel Global provides professional translation services to assist NGOs, ministries and government agencies, UN organisations, small to large businesses and individuals in overcoming language barriers and effectively communicating across different cultures.

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Interpretation Services

At Cendel Global we provide professional interpretation services for seamless communication across languages. Our team of highly skilled interpreters ensures accurate and efficient interpretation in various settings, such as conferences, meetings, and presentations.

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Interpretation Equipment

At Cendel Global we not only have one of the most talented and professional simultaneous interpreters and translators team but we also provide the equipment. This is the best way to guarantee a total success of the whole process.

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Table Microphones

These Bosch conference microphones are an incredibly convenient solution for a wide range of events, conferences, and meetings. They are used by small-sized organizations through to multinational corporations, as well as local, regional and national governments and international summits.

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PA Systems

Audio visual equipment refers to devices that combine both visual and audio components to enhance communication and presentation. This includes projectors, speakers, microphones, and video conferencing systems.

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Projectors and screens

Cendel Global offers live streaming services that enable businesses to broadcast events, conferences, webinars, and training sessions to a global audience. Our reliable and secure streaming platform ensures smooth delivery of high-quality video content, eliminating any geographical limitations or technical barriers

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Video conferencing & live streaming

Our video conferencing services provide an immersive and interactive experience, enabling teams to conduct virtual meetings with superior audio and video quality.

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